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Send a W&P gift card to a friend, family member  or even yourself!

You can link your phone number to keep a balance at W&P – and make transitions as simple as providing your phone number!

Come in to purchase a plastic

 Gift Card.

Frequently asked questions

Digital Gift Cards

What Is  a Digital Gift Card?

A Digital Gift Card or eGift Card is a online and moble gift card. It is shaired and secured with a unique code. From your email you can link your phone number. From the link sent to the recepiants email, your balance and transaction hisory is avalable.

How can I use a Digital Gift Card

A Digital Gift Card or eGift Card is sent to the email provided. Your balance and transaction hisory is avalable by clicking the link in the email. Add your phone number. (opitnal) Use your phone number or the uniqe code at Whisk & Paddle checking out.

Can I get a eGift card for myself?

Sure! It's a great way to make transations as easy as saying your phone number! Look out for promo codes and fill you Whisk & Paddle balace for easy acsss!

Can I Get A Real Plastic Gift Card?

Yes! Come on down to our Bakery & Cafe to pick one up!

How much is on my gift card?

Click here to check the balance of a Whisk and Paddle gift card!

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